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Sneak peek at progress on Four Winds Hotel – WNDU-TV

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – The efforts of the Four Winds Casino to attract more guests has reached new heights.
A 23-story high rise hotel is being built on the grounds of the Four Winds’ property in South Bend.
Today, officials took members of the news media all the way to the top.
At this point, the penthouse itself is not much to see. It has no walls or windows.
But what the penthouse does have is a penthouse view from the 23rd floor and who doesn’t just adore a penthouse view?
“You know it’s breath taking. Especially this time of the year. All the foliage is turning colors, beautiful colors, and it just looks fantastic,” said Four Winds C.O.O. Frank Freedman.
Building a 317-room hotel that reaches such heights is part of a plan to go to great lengths to attract visitors from greater and greater distances.
Right now, about 75-percent of visitors to the South Bend property come from just 15 to 20 minutes away. “
“We’re really excited about the prospects of being able to reach out to markets that we currently don’t service, So, to the east, Fort Wayne, and then to the south, you know, the suburbs, northern burbs of Indianapolis,” Freedman explained. “It’s a first class facility and over the years we see how many private planes fly into the South Bend airport on game weekend, we’re excited about the prospects of being able to entertain some of those clients as well.”
At the same time the hotel is being built, construction crews are expanding the casino gaming floor by 40,000 square feet. Plans call for adding up to 600-new slot machines and perhaps as many as 15 table games.
Freedman says room rental rates will likely mirror those at the hotel in New Buffalo—starting at $149.00.
While you might jump to the conclusion that the top floor would be the top attraction at the hotel, the third floor apparently has a lot to offer. “The third floor is basically our hospitality suites. There’s only four large, oversized guest rooms on that floor and they’re really intended to be more for entertaining,” said Freedman. “The floor has great views, big rooms, bars, a pool, a restaurant. “It’s it’s something I think that the area just hasn’t seen yet.”
The latest timetable calls for the expanded gaming floor to open in the fall of 2022.
Hotel construction is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.
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