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Concerns about proposed Hendersonville 4-story hotel addressed – Yahoo News

With two public comments heard, plans for a proposed four-story hotel on Sugarloaf Road will move forward through Hendersonville's rezoning process.
Commenters, in written form and via Zoom during a neighborhood compatibility meeting Monday, voiced concerns about a buffer between the proposed hotel and houses, as well as flooding risk and "excess" lighting toward nearby houses.
Sugarloaf Road hotel site plan by Lurah on Scribd
Developer Sanjay Patel with Sugarloaf Hospitality submitted an application to the city to rezone the 2.3-acre property from Planned Commercial Development to Planned Commercial Development Conditional Zoning District.
The hotel is proposed to be around 66,000 square feet and includes a meeting room. The site plan states there will be 98 rooms.
Plans include a landscaped buffer between the proposed hotel and houses and an underground stormwater system that should mitigate a lot of the flood risk, Patel said.
Work is underway for site lighting with Duke Energy. Patel said he would let Duke's planning department know about residents' concerns to ensure lighting doesn't go into the residential area.
The project was previously approved by City Council and a special-use permit was given in 2017. Because the permit expired, Patel applied for the conditional zoning.
The next steps are for plans to be reviewed by city planning staff, the Tree Board and Planning Board then a public hearing will be held before City Council prior to its vote.
This article originally appeared on Hendersonville Times-News: Concerns about flooding risk & excess lighting for new hotel addressed
Painting rocks and hiding them outdoors is a “hobby” for some people.
The weather-predicting booklet has had an 80% accuracy rate for 230 years.
A research team was stunned in 2019 when it asked for help identifying monitor lizards in Palm Beach County and half of the photos were of tegus.
Authorities on the Spanish island of La Palma ordered residents of three coastal towns to stay indoors on Monday after a new stream of lava crashed into the ocean, sending thick clouds of potentially toxic gases high into the sky. A third tongue of lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which has been erupting for two months, reached the water around midday (12:00 GMT) a few kilometres north of where two previous flows hit the sea. Drone footage from the local council showed white clouds billowing out of the water as the red hot molten rock slid down a cliff into the Atlantic.
Tesla Inc is planning to spend more than $1 billion on its new vehicle factory in Austin, Texas, and plans to complete construction by the end of this year, public filings with a Texas state agency showed. Filings submitted to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) on Friday outlined Tesla's spending on various manufacturing capabilities at its Austin factory.
In the wake of a potent cold front that tracked through the Northeast early Thanksgiving week, the coldest air of the season will bring temperatures plummeting to levels more typical of mid-December to the Great Lakes region and Northeast. The wintry chill will also fuel the lake-effect snow machine, sending snow squalls barreling across the region. After a storm brought rain to the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast on Sunday night, the cold front associated with the storm swept through and mov
(Bloomberg) — The biggest chicken producers in the U.S. will have to overhaul their breeding programs in a matter of just a few years to meet tough new guidelines major customers are embracing, part of a movement to ensure birds are healthier and more humanely treated. Most Read from BloombergNew York City Is Building a Wall of Oysters to Fend Off FloodsA Denser City, But at What Cost?The Women Behind Historic House DesignsFrom Bathhouses to Fisheries, Hidden Inflation Is Creeping Across JapanM
The Salt Lake Tribune newspaper on Monday began using a new map of Utah that features a fresh depiction of the Great Salt Lake in response to the drastic shrinking the iconic body of water has undergone over the last 30 years. The change to the map came with the assistance of graphics artists at AccuWeather. A combination of river diversions and the impacts from the megadrought across the American West has driven the lake to 4,191.3 feet above sea level over the summer — the lowest levels the l
Brood X cicadas and a warmer, drier spring helped young turkeys survive their first few weeks of life.
Climate change isn’t what’s driving some U.S. coal-fired power plants to shut down. Dozens of plants nationwide plan to stop burning coal this decade to comply with more stringent federal wastewater guidelines, according to state regulatory filings, as the industry continues moving away from the planet-warming fossil fuel to make electricity. The new wastewater rule requires power plants to clean coal ash and toxic heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic and selenium from plant wastewater before it is dumped into streams and rivers.
The Pacific Northwest was soaked by an atmospheric river.
Winter is coming and the WGAL News 8 Storm Team is ready with its annual winter weather outlook for central Pennsylvania.
For more than a hundred years, there were no wild turkeys on Cape Cod. Now, they are all over the place! How the heck did that happen?
Here's how much snow to expect this week.
Another train of storms is expected to race through the hard-hit areas of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, Canada, this week. Thousands of residents have been displaced, forced to ration gas and left stranded due to destroyed roadways after a powerful atmospheric river created a once-in-500-year flood event that devastated parts of Washington state as well as British Columbia last week. At least five total fatalities were reported across the United States and Canada as rescuers search
It’s a ghastly sight: ticks by tens of thousands burrowed into a moose’s broad body, sucking its lifeblood as the agonized host rubs against trees so vigorously that much of its fur wears away. Winter tick infestation is common with moose across the northern U.S. — usually survivable for adults but less so for calves, and miserable either way. Data collected over 19 years at Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park shows moose have more ticks during winters following particularly warm summers, according to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.
The climate pattern can lead to significant weather changes in different parts of the world.
On Saturday, divers were preparing for a routine inspection of the damaged pipeline when they saw an oil sheen on the water off Huntington Beach.
This time of year, with the depths of winter are on the horizon, is notorious for strong wind storms like this.
(Bloomberg) — A $12 billion liquefied natural gas investment approved in Australia leads a wave of projects betting demand will rise as the world shuns more polluting alternatives like coal.Most Read from BloombergAsia’s Richest Man Looks to Walton Family Playbook on SuccessionNew York City Is Building a Wall of Oysters to Fend Off FloodsThe Women Behind Historic House DesignsFrom Bathhouses to Fisheries, Hidden Inflation Is Creeping Across JapanMaverick 70-Year-Old CEO Is Determined to Shake U


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