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Hotel worker reveals the annoying request guests always ask in viral TikTok – 9Travel

By Katherine Scott| 2 hours ago
A former fed-up hotel receptionist has divulged the annoying question she constantly gets asked by demanding guests.
Canada-based Janessa Richard acted out the frequent encounter in an amusing TikTok video that really drives home how unreasonable some customers can be.
In the clip, Richard plays that part of both hotel receptionist and prickly guest.
"I was actually just online, and I saw a rate for $89 and I'm pretty sure we are paying $129, so you're gonna need to match that price if you want to keep us as your guests," Richard, as the customer, begins.
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As the hotel staffer cheerily obliges, asking the very obvious next question — can she see the cheaper rate on her phone?
However, the perfectly reasonable request causes the customer to angrily snap back.
"Well, that's not gonna work because I don't have it on my phone anymore. That was like an hour ago," she says.
The receptionist tries a number of times to salvage the situation — even offering to break protocol and look up the deal herself.
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However, the rude guest refuses to co-operate.
"Oh my gosh. Why do you have to make this so complicated? I don't remember what the website was. I just need you to match that rate, or else we're gonna go elsewhere".
The video concludes with the polite hotel staffer explaining that they do require proof, and if they don't want the room they'll "give it to someone else".
Richard captioned the clip "When people don't understand how price matching works".
The mocking post has already garnered over 211,000 views, with viewer comments ranging from "Bub bye Karen" and "Customers are something else" to "People suck, sorry service industry".
"I never ask for price matching without having it in my hand ready to go," one shocked viewer wrote.
"Girl!!! I worked front desk at a hotel and the things I have heard!" another critic agreed, with a third mocking the demanding guests, "Hey I found a room at your hotel online for $1/night. Source: trust me bro… did it work?"
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The viral clip does shine a light on an underutilised money-saving travel hack — that of price matching for hotels.
Generally speaking, hotels prefer when you book with them directly rather than using a third-party booking site, and they'll happily match prices from elsewhere.
While some hotel brands, like Richard's, will even match prices at the counter, it's always worth phoning a hotel directly if you see a deal on a third-party site offering a better rate.
If you notice the cheaper rate after booking directly, try phoning the hotel and seeing if they can still match the rate — of course, unlike the rude customer in the skit above, you'll have to share proof.
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