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Fed up hotel receptionist shares the most annoying question from guests she can't stand – so do you agree? – 7NEWS

A former hotel receptionist has revealed one of the most annoying questions from guests she can’t stand.
Janessa Richard, from Canada, shared a now-viral TikTok video of herself reenacting a rude guest demanding a price match on her room after claiming she’d found a cheaper rate online.
The video – titled “When people don’t understand how price matching works” – shows Janessa pretending to be the customer and receptionist.
Watch Janessa reenact a rude hotel guest in the video above
“We’re checking into a standard king room but I was just online and saw a rate for $89 and I’m pretty sure we’re paying $129 so you’re going to need to match that price if you want to keep us as your guest,” the customer said.
The receptionist responded, saying she can happily price match the room if the guest can show her “proof”.
“If you have it on your phone, I can take a look and then I can just go in the system and change it for you guys,” the receptionist said.
But the customer bluntly replied: “Well that’s not going to work because I don’t have it on my phone anymore. That was like an hour ago.”
The receptionist attempted to meet the customer half way by offering to look up the deal on her computer.
Why do you have to make this so complicated?
“We don’t typically do this but if you can tell me which website it was on, I can look for myself,” she said..
Clearly frustrated, the rude customer snapped, saying: “Oh my gosh, why do you have to make this so complicated?
“I don’t remember what the website was. I just need you to match that rate or we’ll go elsewhere.”
Refusing to give in, the hotel worker calmly responded: ‘I’m sorry but we can’t do that.
“We do need to see the proof, if you don’t want your room, that’s fine, we’ll give it to someone else.”
Her video has since been viewed more than 200,000 times with many hotel receptionists agreeing it’s one of the common questions they get asked while working at the front desk.
“Yes this happens to me in my nightshift. Then they ask for my manager. I tell them to ‘take a seat, he arrives at 8am’,” one woman wrote, along with a laughing emoji.
Another said: “You mean I can’t just make up a price and expect you to honour it? Customers are something else.”
While one added: “I never ask for price matching without having it in my hand ready to go. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Oh well, it’s not the end of the world.”


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