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Man charged in sex trafficking bust at Roseville hotel – Bring Me The News

Ramsey County Jail
He has been charged with the promoting of prostitution.
A Minneapolis man has been charged in connection with a sex trafficking raid at a hotel in Roseville involving a woman from New York.
Charges filed in Ramsey County state Jiecong Cao, 24, was engaged in the promoting of prostitution following an operation at the Hampton Inn hotel at 2050 Iona Lane earlier in November.
According to the charges, Roseville Police Department had received a tip that the sale of sex was taking place in three rooms on the third and fourth floors of the hotel, sparking several nights of surveillance during which time police observed "multiple men individually going in and out of the three rooms, each staying for a short period of time."
Several of these men were later stopped and confirmed they'd responded to an ad to pay for sex at the hotel, noting that the woman involved were of Asian descent.
Officers observed three Asian women going between the rooms, while hotel records showed the guests as women with ties to Flushing, New York, which the charges states is a "city known for large criminal organizations which engage in the sex trafficking of such women."
On the evening of Nov. 18, an SUV arrived in the parking lot driven by a man, and two of the Asian women seen going between the rooms entered it before it drove away.
The SUV returned the next morning with the same driver, with a third woman entering the vehicle, and was later dropped off at the airport.
Charges state the woman was later found with almost $10,000 in cash, but did not make a statement.
Cao was found to be the driver of the SUV during a traffic stop.
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During interview, he initially claimed to be a food delivery driver, but eventually admitted that he was employed by another person to drive women between hotels and the airport.
Per the charges: "He said he knows that the women involved sell sex and that they give him the money from the sex acts.
"He said that he then passes the money onto another man, who passes it on in turn."
Cao then showed officers text messages that showed it had been occurring for at least 20 days.
Cao made his first court appearance Tuesday, with his next hearing set for Dec. 2.
It all likely stemmed from people dumping their pets into local waters a few years ago.
The teen left her home on Monday afternoon.
The woman was shot in the abdomen in mid-September.
The discovery was made Wednesday afternoon.
The Gophers are establishing momentum early in the season.
The dunk didn’t count, but provided the highlight of the night.
Despite a 30-minute delay, the Wild picked up a 3-2 victory.
Police say he’s not believed to be in danger.
There has been no evidence of significant fraud in any single U.S. state.
The governor says the state has one of the highest child vaccination rates in the U.S.
Woodbury authorities have issued a warning following a spate of auto thefts.
The vehicle stopped on the side of the road was unoccupied at the time.
A 26-year-old woman provided a child ‘for commercial sex’ with a 50-year-old man.
Charges say the men sought sex from an undercover office who said she was 15.
He’s now been charged with soliciting prostitution.
He was being held at a county jail on completely separate charges.
The 32-year-old was arrested on his way to work Thursday.
He’s been charged in both Washington and Hennepin counties.
Most of the arrests were made in the Twin Cities area.
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