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Ten most expensive hotels in the world – New Zealand Herald

A recent study has found the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. Photo / Unsplash
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Money can’t buy us happiness but it sure can secure some pretty incredible accommodation.
After searching through the world’s most lavish hotels, Merchant Cash Advance found the top ten according to how expensive a one night stay would be.
10. Dubai, Burj Al-Arab
On the ‘cheaper’ end of the spectrum is the Royal Suite at Burj Al-Arab. Marketed as the “world’s first seven-star hotel”, the regal rooms are come with 22-karat gold décor, private spas and multiple staff, as well as a $40,800 cost per night.
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9. New York, The Plaza Hotel
For a 400-square foot room with private elevator and sweeping views across Fifth Avenue, check into The Plaza Hotel’s Royal Suite. Just make sure you have a spare $58,300 for the night.
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8. Maldives, The Conrad Maldives
Swim (and sleep) with the fishes at the Muraka Suite in the Conrad Maldives. The two story villa places your bedroom 16 feet underwater so you’ll be sleeping in your personal ocean aquarium; a view so unusual you may not mind the minimum four night stay at $73,000 a night.
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7. Cannes, Hôtel Martinez
Live like a movie star in this French city and stay at Hôtel Martinez’s Penthouse Suite. For $53,000 you’ll be surrounded by marvellous Mediterranean views and world-class art by Picasso and Matisse.
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6. New York, Four Seasons Hotel
If you don’t’ fancy The Plaza, splash out a little more on a night at the Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel. Considering it cost $72 million to build, the $87,500 cost per night may not seem too outrageous, especially after enjoying the 360-degree views, four glass balconies, and unlimited massages that come with the room.
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5. Fiji, Laucala Island Resort
To avoid any old traveller with $89,000 to spare from checking into the Hilltop Estate, this hotel works on invite (or application) only. Run by Red Bull cofounder Dietrick Mateschitz, some say this tropical paradise is the best in the world by those fortunate enough to get the green light.
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4. New York, The Mark Hotel
It seems New York isn’t short of opulent accommodation, with the Mark Hotel Penthouse clocking in at $110,000 a night. Holding the title as largest hotel suite penthouse in America, the two-story, 10,000-square-foot room holds five bedrooms, six bathrooms an unbeatable terrace view across Central Park and a living room that transforms into a ballroom.
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3. Geneva, Hotel President Wilson
We can’t quite imagine the sort of person willing to spend $117,000 for one night anywhere, but it seems some must be willing to front it up for 24 hours at the Royal Penthouse Suite. The crazy cost will buy you the eighth floor of the hotel which has 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, a Jacuzzi with lake views, bulletproof windows and almost anything you could ask for 24/7.
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2. Las Vegas, The Palms Casino Resort
Ah, Vegas. Where else would one of the world’s most expensive hotel rooms be found? Breaking the six-figure mark, the Empathy Suite in the Sky Villa will set high rollers back $146,000 per night with a two-night minimum stay. Filled with works by artist Damien Hirst, the gigantic suite also offers exclusive entry to many of the Palms’ clubs, bars and recording studios.
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1. St Lucia, Lovers Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel
Well, as it turns out, you could search all the land and never find the world’s most expensive hotel. Why? Because it’s underwater. On board this subaquatic hotel, guests are treated to a personal captain, butler and chef who will sail anywhere (within reason) you wish. Costing $340,000 a night, this hotel may just be ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ for even the wealthiest in the world.
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